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Happiness + Mindfulness = Awesome!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy. As a mum of two children, my life can seem full. Full of love and fun times but also full of “should do”s and “need to”s. Maybe you feel the same, “ I should really vacuum, dust, mop and make my house sparkle” when you really want to dance around your house with your kids or get a coffee with a friend. Now my youngest child is fast approaching starting school, I have had time to discover me again. What things did I enjoy doing in my youth and before I was blessed with motherhood? I started by noticing when I was happy and enjoying myself. For me I noticed I really enjoyed: Having a creative conservation with a friend when we spark new ideas; Taking exercise and feeling happy, content with a new found respect for my body and all it can achieve; Dancing with my children to really loud bouncy music. When I tried painting for the first time since school I then started to notice that my eldest child was often focusing on negative aspects of her life and maybe not realising all the things that she enjoys. I stumbled across these gratitude journals for kids and adults from Awesome Ends in Me. ..
Posted: 8/08/2017
By Gemma Thompson
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Posted: 23/11/2015
By Gemma Thompson
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