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Add a button to your browser to add items to your Wisp wishlists.

Chrome Bookmarklet

Install the bookmarklet:

With the Wisp Bookmarklet you can easly add items to your Wishlist from anywhere on the web*. Add it to your browser by following the instructons below.

Drag to browser

Click on the button below, and Hold (With mouse button pressed). Drag this item to your Browser window

Step-by-Step Instructions for Chrome

  1. See that button above, the one that says “Add to Wisp”? Good! Click on it, on the button down and start dragging.
  2. Drag the button all the way up to your bookmarks toolbar and let go.
  3. You’ve added the bookmarklet to your browser. Click on it anytime you want to add items from other web sites.
Please Note: If you can’t find the bookmarks toolbar it may be disabled. Go to Options in the browser menu and check if Bookmarks Toolbar is enabled. See our Help documentation for more information on the Bookmarks toolbar.

Add to your Wishlist

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